Monday, July 17, 2017

On the road again Part 2

I finished opening the Leaf 2016 Babe Ruth blaster box. To my surprise it had perfect collation. I received the complete base set, 1-80 and the two ten card subsets, Quotables and Career Achievements. Nice. I didn't pull a stadium seat or Ruth bat relic but that's OK. I found a cheap stadium seat card from the set on eBay and that'll serve as my 'insert example'.

It's a fun set to shuffle through. Lots of interesting pics of The babe. I am still relying on my phone camera so you'l have to excuse the pics. I'll just show a few. When I get home this will go into a binder.

There were several cards of Ruth with kids, his and others:

Wow, I need to take better pix with my phone. Anyway there were pic of Ruth messing around with other sports including these:

Gimmicky/publicity pictures:

But the best cards, of course, show the Babe in uniform on the baseball diamond. I chose some of my favorites for these two shots:

It's a neat set, especially considering I pretty much got it for free. I'm looking forward to seeing it in binder pages.

Oh, and I also opened the Sage college football jumbo pack. Here are the 'highlights':

Saturday, July 15, 2017

On the road again

I'm out here in beautiful (but weird) Austin on the first leg of a summer tour of the I-35 corridor in central Texas. I'll be attending a Texas teachers retirement seminar. It's the first step to the end of a fun teaching and coaching career. And then I'll head south to attend my final coaches conference. It runs thru the middle of the week.

I don't plan on doing any sightseeing so I figured I'd grab something to occupy myself hobby-wise. A stop at Target revealed that nothing new had hit the shelves but by digging around the bottom shelf  I came up with a discounted blaster of the Leaf Babe Ruth set of a couple of years back. I also picked up the football pack for no apparent reason.

Now the Ruth box isn't something I'd pay full price for. But I had a pair of $5 Target cards I earned with previous purchases of Tide and Cascade (LOL). I also had a five dollar good-for-anything coupon I got as a 'make good' from the time the power went out as I was being checked out at the register.

All in all most of my purchase price was covered. The box has 20 packs of five cards each. I opened one pack tonite and I took pics. No way I'm going to blog every pack but if something really interesting pops up I will put it to the side for later use.

The cards are sepia toned obviously.

Of the first pack only the picture used in the card above looks familiar, which is a good sign.

The back relate to the fronts and use a small cropped version of the same photo.

I'm guessing this is one of the subsets. I haven't looked at the checklist yet. I have know idea what I'm getting into set-wise. Not that it matters...I bought this box for entertainment purposes only.

Career Achievements sounds like there are some subsets.

I'll bust a few more packs tonite. Maybe I'll come across the '1 of 1 Cut Signature' card. If so my retirement will be a bit more fun.

LATE EDIT: Here is by far the best card of the packs I opened tonite. It's just so Ruthian.

One last pic just because. Here is tonite's diner:

Yup, it was good. No, I didn't finish the pizza. But I did finish the brew.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Wrapping up the Batman sketches

These are the rest of the Batman sketch cards I've picked up to date. I've decided to add two more to fill up three full pages but I'm going to be patient and selective. I have one I commissioned that is on it's way to me ('s a long story). 

Meanwhile check out the last of the bunch. Lots of variety and lots of talent in these. I'd be hard-pressed to choose a favorite.

I found some old threads on various hobby card forums that debated whether or not the AOJ Lithocards are prints or original work. Well, the two I have are original. And very good. I showed the other one in the previous post. BTW..the artist is Aaron Laidley who doesn't seem to have much of a web presence..

I have 2 sketch cards by Andy Duggan....

I really like this one from artist James Bukauskas aka Bukshot. It's one of a couple from the Rittenhouse Batman Archives set.

I didn't see the Batman vs Superman movie on the advice of my sons. But here is Ben Afleck as Batman. Card done by Javier Gonzalez.

This one is another insert from the Rittenhouse Batman Archives set. It was done by Steve Russell.

This next one is unique in that it was drawn around an official USPS postage stamp. Robert Kraus certainly has a unique still. Lot's on interesting stuff on his website.

Finally another great card, this from Eric Merced. He uses digital tools to draw his cards. Pretty interesting.

That wraps up my Batman sketch cards. It's been fun tracking these down. As I noted earlier I will add another card or two to fill up my three binder pages.

Right now slot #26 is occupied by an outlier from the DC Batman Legend set....the Joker:

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

1975 Fleer Pioneers

I bought this 28 card set at a card show a few months ago and had it sitting on my desk for awhile. I've tamed my scanner somewhat and figured I'd post a few of the cards. I had a couple of singles from the set that I bought way back when I began the first project of my second card collecting life. I was determined to have a card of every Hall of Fame player. Some of these were my 'placeholders' until I could get career contemporary cards. It didn't take me long to figure out that that project was going to be impossible both in cost and execution.

These cards were actually inserts in packs of a product I have no memory of, 'Baseball Patches'. In looking into these cards I found that Joe Shlabotnik and the Fleer Sticker Project have done the legwork previously. I'll defer to those two fine blogs. In fact it wasn't until I dug into the FSP blog the other day that my memory was jogged and I realized that I had several of the football versions of the patches in my Baltimore Colts collection. And I recognized the football version of this set as well.

Back to the cards at hand. As you'd expect the back has a write-up on the player.

These things are tall and narrow. Here is one scanned with a 2017 Topps for comparison.

Most, but not all, of the guys included in the checklist are Hall of Fame members.

Both the Cobb and Cy Young cards use familiar pics.

This one is my favorite.... Buck Ewing and the NY Giants' mascot. If the card's write-up is to be believed Buck always had the mascot spit on his bat when he went up to the plate. Well, OK.

A couple more.

I see that the set is available on eBay for between $15 and $18. Or you can go to Fritsch Cards and pay a bit more.

And finally the checklist:

1 Cap Anson
2 Harry Wright
3 Buck Ewing
4 A.G. Spalding
5 Hoss Radbourne
6 Dan Brouthers
7 Roger Bresnahan
8 Mike Kelly
9 Ned Hanlon
10 Ed Delahanty
11 Pud Galvin
12 Amos Rusie
13 Tommy McCarthy
14 Ty Cobb
15 John McGraw
16 Home Run Baker
17 Johnny Evers
18 Nap Lajoie
19 Cy Young
20 Eddie Collins
21 John Glasscock
22 Hal Chase
23 Mordecai Brown
24 Jake Daubert
25 Mike Donlin
26 John Clarkson
27 Buck Herzog
28 Art Nehf

Monday, July 10, 2017

1000 Posts? I'm Batman

I've been meaning to scan and post my Batman sketch card pages but other things have gotten in the way. I figure cranking out my 1000th blub of foolishness would be a good time to post at least some of them.

But first things first. Here are the ones I've posted previously on this blog. I put these together using a collage program I just found on this new computer. It doesn't show the whole card but you get the idea. I'm not including the 'limited edition' prints so all these are hand drawn art cards:

I'ts fun to see the various artists' 'take' on Batman. I think he's gone through more changes over the years in print, film and television than any comic book hero. I've tried to gather cards that reflect all his different 'personas'. Obviously some of these are based on the different movie/TV actors who have portrayed him, some on the various cartoon incarnations that have come and gone. Others just have a fantasy feel to them. But I enjoy each one.

At this point I have 26 sketch cards including a couple from the 2013 Cryptozoic Batman The Legend set. I also have a Joker sketch card from that set and two of the card sized art prints. I intended to gather just nine, enough to fill up a binder page and keep the total cost under $75. 

I have met that goal in a roundabout way. I can definitely stick nine of these in a sheet whose total cost would be under the $75. But after I bought about half a dozen I began looking at some more costly ones and grabbed a few. 

I'm going to break these into two posts. Up top is a Michael Keaton interpretation and just below is one of several sketches I have that show Batman in the rain and darkness.

I have several sketches by Ellyn Acord. She sketches the 'classic' Batman.

Here's one of the Cryptozoic cards.

Rain and night #2:

This is a unique card that features his with a red symbol on his uniform.

Another Ellyn Acord piece. Again in the cartoonish style.

I'll post the rest in the near future.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

That ain't me!!

I recently received an interesting group of cards from one of my favorite bloggers, "Joe Shlabotnik" who writes the always entertaining The Shlabotnik Report. (Props to me for spelling it right twice before I checked it!!)

I got a big kick out of the 1978 buyback Rob Andrews. I've always felt a 'kinship' with the guy. Not only do we share a name but we were born just six days apart in 1952. As a bonus he was originally drafted by the Orioles.

Andrews had some very good minor league numbers in the O's chain but with a 25-year-old Bobby Grich (already a three time All Star and MVP candidate) holding down 2nd base the Orioles they didn't see a reason to hold on to him. So Andrews was dealt to Houston where I got to see him play before moving on to the Giants.

He's got about five Topps cards plus a few odds and ends. I have one besides this '78. And it looks like I used nearly the same post title for that one. Might be fun to try and track down a buyback of each Topps card he has.

Next up is a really, really nice 2002 Topps Gallery Frank Robinson card. I know nothing about this set but that sure is a nice piece of artwork.

Checking the back Topps gives a shout out to the artist which is nice.

The blurb is hard to read so I blew it up. Ron Stark does some very impressive work. You can check out his website for more.

This next card is of Orioles shortstop prospect Mychal Givens. It's interesting for a couple of reasons:

First of all Mychal Givens, a second round 2009 pick, is an Orioles late inning reliever now. He transitioned from infielder to the mound between the 2012 and 2013 seasons.

More interesting is what Bowman/Topps put in this signature space. I'm not sure what to make of it:

It isn't Givens signature which you can see numerous times (as well as read more of Givens' backstory) over on the Great Orioles' Autograph Project blog. It's like someone wrote out his name as a placeholder and they just went with it. <shrug>

Joe also filled a few holes on my 1970 want list. Capless guys, airbrushed guys, nicely posed guys...and Ray Oyler.

Only the Ron Clark (top middle) was a dupe but even at that it was a plus...I was checking the two copies and examined the back:

It revealed the fact that the utility infielder was formerly both a Golden Gloves champ and a rodeo rider. Pretty cool.

And finally a couple of Orioles, one new, one old...and a famous Oriole in a weird uni. I'll never acknowledge Eddie Murray as a Met. But I will stick this card in my Murray pages.

So there you have one of the more notable and offbeat PWEs I've received. Many thanks to 'Joe' for the 'fun-to-investigate' cards!